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Girl lied to me about her dating someone

How to Tell She's Lying

Girl lied to me about her dating someone

You Can Sense A "Relationship Rut" If you can see that your intimacy has reached a low point, where perhaps you are not emotionally connecting, spending adequate time together, participating in engaging conversation or showing much affection, then a rut is likely and your partner could be compelled to start lying to you.

If you've heard different stories about previous relationships and know that there's been some shadiness, it's possible that the lying will carry over into yours. They Speak In An Emotionally Unstable Way If your partner's phrasing, tone and emotional language is off, then it's possible that he or she is lying to youas erratic outbursts, shaky tone and weirdly constructive and defensive statements are pretty unusual, especially when you're supposed to be in a comfortable, familiar place with each other.

There's Too Much Or Little Information If your partner either supplies too much or too little information when telling a story or explaining his or her whereabouts, then it might mean that he or she is lying to you, says Jenny Lee, coauthor of Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid in interview with Glamour. Lies can have too many details that can signal they're erroneous, while others can make people nervous to speak about and cause them to tense up and hide details.

Their Body Language Is Strange If your partner starts tensing up, scratching his or her arms or face erratically, begins to sweat or shake his or her limbs, or gets rosy and flushed in the cheeks, then these body signal signs can indicate that he or she might be lying about where he or she had been earlier or with regard to whatever question is being asked, says body-language pro Lillian GlassPh.

If you see your partner begin to scratch his or her nose when answering a statement, it might mean he or she is lying to you.

If your partner is telling a lie, he or she may shift the focus onto other people, even if it's irrelevant. Suddenly, they go from “I” or “me” statements to language that If a person is reluctant to put themselves in their own story, you should In The Frisky's description of such behavior, the woman is the vixen, but. Ask the Relationship Expert: 'I Lied to My Girlfriend and She Found Out' When she asked me if I was coming straight home after work, I told her that I was When someone initially says yes to your service or product but they.