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Jjba la squadra dating sim tumblr

[Spoilers] Golden Wind, The Deaths of All La Squadra Members

Jjba la squadra dating sim tumblr

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image. Fun news y'all,. My sister @diovahs-witness and I are drumroll working on a dating simulator. Specifically, a–well, I'm sure you can guess. It's La Squadra.

I got the same feeling as with La Squadra tho, amazing characters but way too little screen time and dies right away That’s actually what bugs me the most in Vento Aureo, everything goes too fast imo sadly even when I was reading it at my own pace the first time I didn’t had time to get attach to the villains, so I think that’s why I forgot most of them and that’s why I was focusing a lot more on. Rebbloggin cuz Tumblr keeps flagging my last few posts for adult content warnings and i think it messes up the notifications? Not sureee Just in case but anyway hope u enjoy!! I miss them so muchhh ahh.